Why you should get Windows 8.1 Developer’s Preview today

Most of us Lumia users still didn’t get the Lumia Cyan update specially in India which was supposed to the push the Windows Phone 8.1 upgrade to our devices. It was supposed to be around this month but well it’s still no where. 

You always have the option to update to the Preview for Developers edition directly from Microsoft but then again many people are scared to that because of warranty issues and other questions. I will in this article try to answer a few of those frequently asked questions.

Q. What about my warranty? Will my warranty be void if I install the developer’s preview?

A. Well as the Preview for Developers App says it MIGHT void warranty. Which essentially means say your volume buttons stopped working within your warranty period and it worked fine for a long time with the DEV PREVIEW update, its definitely not a software issue and Nokia can’t deny you warranty. Say your reception drops down, that is a software issue and you might not be able to claim warranty for that but then again it won’t happen because of the new update and that’s for sure.
P.S. : We still don’t take any responsibility.

Q. Since it is preview stage does it have bugs and errors? Will some features be missing or faulty?

A. Nopes not at all, its a fully working version all bug free, the Windows Phone software you will be getting after the update is essentially the same software Nokia and other hardware partners are getting. Not quite convinced yet? We will be uploading a full review of how it works on the Lumia 525 in two days.

Q. Will I miss out on any Nokia features?

A. Absolutely not, it just updates your software, not your phone firmware that Nokia gave with the phone. So the Lumia Black firmware stays with all the original Nokia enchantments that it came with. So whatever you could do with the Nokia Black update, you can do it all with this update as well.

Q. Can I go back to the original software if I don’t like the update?

A. No, there is no way to roll back to the original software after the update, but then again why would you wan’t to?

Q. Will I able to get the Lumia Cyan update when it actually rolls out in my region?

A. Yes absolutely, then you will be able to update your phone to Lumia Cyan firmware and since you already will have the software that comes along with Lumia Cyan your phone would basically look the same after the update for those who got the Dev Preview and then the Cyan update and who just got the Cyan update.

Q. Will I continue to receive all the updates continuously both form Nokia and the Dev previews?

A. Nokia : YES, Developer’s Previews : Depends on whether you keep the Developer’s Preview app.

Thus as you can see you run zero risks on gettin your hands dirty with the awesome new Windows Phone 8.1 update long before Nokia rolls out. Nothing to loose and lots to gain, 

If you are lost about how to go forward with the update, check back our Windows Phone tutorial section and we will have one by tomorrow. 

Also coming up is the Developer’s Preview review video and what we like about it and what we dont. Stay tuned and let us know if this article changed your decision and you went forward with the update in the comments below. 



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