Top 5 Tricks to Make Windows 10 Run faster

Windows systems are used to perform numerous tasks. These tasks accumulate a lot of data on it over time. This accumulated data hampers system speed and performance. To deal with it, you can apply few tricks and tips to make your Windows 10 run faster. Let’s discuss some of these tricks here.

    • Use Solid-State Drive: Solid-State drive or SSD is solid drive as there are no moving parts on it, which respond to magnetics and optical media. It stores data on the solid-state flash memory. SSD has an array of semiconductor memory organized as a disk drive. It uses integrated circuits (ICs) rather than optical or magnetic storage media. It offers fast boot time and efficiency, which makes it the choice of many users to improve the performance of their Windows system. SSDs doesn’t have moving components thus they don’t require part replacement, which is another benefit of using SSD.
    • Manage Startup Items: Try this step to smoothen your system’s startup time. Your system includes many unnecessary programs and apps which run during boot time for no good reason. These unnecessary apps and programs make your boot time slow and create other system issues. To manage these startup items, apply some tweaks in Task manager. To open Task Manager on your system right-click anywhere on the taskbar and select task manager from prompted window. You can also consider going to Start menu and search for task manager and choose it from the options. Task Manager usually opens in compact mode. You can click on “More Details” button available at lower left corner. Click on Startup tab to see the complete list of apps and programs which run at Startup time. To stop any item from running at boot time, right-click on it and choose Disable. Reboot your system to changes take place.
  • Disable unnecessary services: Many unnecessary services keep on running on your system consuming system resources and making it slow. These unnecessary services include many services which you don’t ever use but they still run in the background. To deal with the situation, you can turn off all these unnecessary services to improve system performance instantly. To stop these services, head to Start menu > type “services.msc” in search box and press enter. Now in the Services window, select the service you want to turn off, right-click on it and select Properties. In the Properties window, press Stop and then Disable option from the Startup Type drop-down list.
  • Remove Bloatware: Bloatware comes pre-installed on your system from the manufacturer in the form of manufacturer apps and third party apps. Most of these apps and programs include freeware software, where you supposed to use them for free for a specific period of time. Further, you need to pay for their updated version or you need to buy additional functions on it. These apps include a lot of unnecessary apps which not only occupy precious disk space but they also affect system performance. Thus to improve your system performance you can consider removing these unwanted apps. To remove these apps, you can opt traditional way, where you need to go to Start menu, select All Apps and right-click on the app and select “Uninstall”. Thus to improve your system performance you can consider removing these unwanted apps. You can opt traditional way, where you need to go to Start menu, select All Apps and right-click on the app and select “Uninstall”. You can also consider using PowerShell option to remove it.

Note: You can use various tools like system cleaner software, registry cleaner software, duplicate file removers etc. to clean unnecessary data and to improve your windows performance

  • Launch the Windows Troubleshooter: This is another useful feature which comes inbuilt on Windows 10. It is useful to settle many performance related issues on your computer. To launch Troubleshooter, go to Start menu and type “Troubleshooting” in Run box and press enter. Select “Troubleshooting control panel” from the options. Go to System and Security option and click on “Run maintenance tasks”. It will open a new window “Troubleshoot and help prevent computer problems”, click Next. It will report all the issues to you, find all files & shortcuts you don’t use, and help you fix them.

These simple yet useful tricks can help you make your Windows run faster and smoother. In fact, using these tips you can save a lot of your time and efforts too.

Summary: Windows systems get cluttered and unorganized over time due to extended use. You can perform certain tweaks to improve your system performance. Let’s discuss some of these tricks here.



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Yogesh Sharma is working at Systweak Blog, as an SEO analyst and technical Content Writer. His forte of writing is ransomware, virus, windows and mac and he is keen interested in writing other technical blogs. You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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