Should you buy Amazon Prime after the free trial period?

Amazon just launched their Prime service in India. It was long over due but it’s finally here. Let’s talk about what is Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime is a subscription based service that lets you have free delivery, free one-day or two-day delivery on all products having the Prime logo next to them without any minimum purchase cap. It also gives you 30 minutes of early access to new deals and also gives you Prime only deals. Amazon Prime video is also coming to India soon and it will be available to those who buy into the program now.

Price: There is a free 60 day subscription as of now after which it will cost Rs 499/year which is a promotional discount of Rs 500 on the Rs 999/year subscription fee.

So is Amazon Prime really for you? Should you go ahead and pay Amazon Rs 999/year (or Rs 499/year if you get on board early)? Will it be useful for you or save you money?

Even though Prime is totally worth it for the free shipping alone it is dependent totally on how much you purchase from Amazon. Slice is a very handy tool that can do the math for you. Here is how it works :

  1. Sign up at Slice using your Gmail or Yahoo account.
  2. Give Slice permission to scour your Gmail inbox for purchases. (Slice uses OAuth to access your account, so you never give them your password; if you’re a Gmail user, you can revoke Slice’s permission to use your inbox at any time here.)
  3. Slice will run an initial scan of your recent purchases and import them into the Slice homepage.

Once you allow it access the calculator pretty much works on itself. It adds up all of your purchases in the last year, tells you how much you’ve spent and whether or not a Prime membership will save you money on shipping over time. Keep in mind, if you’ve deleted receipts from the past year, that will affect the outcome. It only takes the free shipping into consideration when deciding whether Prime will save you money. Remember Prime also gives you exclusive deals and early access to regular deals. Amazon Video when it arrives will also give you access to free video streaming service all at the same subscription fee.

Obviously you might be worried about the privacy so you can read up Slice’s privacy policy here.

Also we will soon come out with a full video tutorial of the process so don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.




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