7 ways to protect your digital life

Data lock

Recent Demonetization has given us a new dimension of life. Say what you will, cash now seems long gone. It’s the era of Digital Money. Either love it or hate it, but you cannot ignore it. PayTm seems friendlier and ‘Cash on Delivery’ will soon disperse. The war is over. Digitization has taken over. However, we hard working individuals must protect our money from hackers. Its time we learn some techniques to protect our data and passwords. These are the few steps that’ll help you grasp the modus operandi.

  1. Encrypt Messages: Whatsapp encrypts its messaging. Quincy Larson (Teacher at Free Code Camp), says encoding data in a ‘secure form of cryptography’ to secure it. Without a key, no one can decipher the scrambled data that is done by ‘Encryption’. .
  1. Webcam Cover: An episode of ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ opened my eyes about people spying on you through your own webcam. A simple hack and the other person can see you through your own camera. Yes, it happens.
  1. A password for passwords:  Let’s consider a hypothetical cryptography scenario in which a safe builder wrote blueprints for an unbreakable safe. He wanted to keep the blueprints a secret, so he built the safe and locked the blueprints inside.  Hence, you need to protect your passwords inside a password protected box (folder). Password managers that store many passwords, like Lastpass, etc. However, don’t forget to change passwords regularly.
  1. Look for “https” in broswers: “https” on the address bar ensures you are on a secure network, which means your connection to the website will be encrypted. Use a plugin called “HTTPS EVERYWHERE” that ensures you are using the secure form of websites, so that you will be protected from various forms of surveillance and hacking.
  1. Incognito: The only time you see this sunglass wearing Sherlock when you want to watch some spiritual videos. However, you must know that your browsing history isn’t hidden from your internet service provider. It may save you from your wife, but not your employer. Quincy Larson recommends Tor, a browser that allows complete privacy. Go crazy.
  1. Locker for your Hard Drive: If your files are all unencrypted, someone having access to your PC will easily find way to your files and storage. FileVault and BitLockerLuckily are there to save your day. Use these applications to protect your PC’s Hard Drive.
  1. Enable two factor authentication: A feature that enables you to get notified whenever your email is accessed from a new device. A kind of secondary layer of security. A code for accessing the email is sent to your Inbox or phone via SMS. This secondary layer of authentication can also protect your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Linkdin.



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