HTC Desire 620g

Ten things you need to know about HTC Desire 620g
  1. Removable Battery
  2. Dual SIM
  3. 1 Year Warranty
  4. 5 Inch Touchscreen
  5. Android 4.4 (Kitkat)
  6. 1 GB RAM
  7. 8 GB Internal Storage
  8. 3G Enabled
  9. 8MP Primary Camera, 5 MP Front Camera
  10. Battery: 2100 mAh


A splendid phone with a surprisingly amazing camera. HTC,
short form of High Tech Computers, has been my first choice when I decided I
need to buy a decent phone within Rs. 15,000. It came in two colors, Milky-way
Grey and Santorini White. The unavailability of the grey ones led me to only
one choice. A phone of 5 inch which looks 5.5 inch due to its exterior. With an
Android version of 4.4 (Kitkat) and an Octa Core processor, this phone has been
my dream come true. It was available at Rs. 16,000.
Now the prices have decreased to Rs. 11,200 (Flipkart).
  • The quality of any phone can be understood when you hold it.
    The color vivacity and its material design is the plus point of this phone. It has
    an inbuilt news feed screen when you swipe right from your home screen.
    Accounts of Twitter and Facebook can be logged in for easy access to news feed.


  • Camera: It has been a ritual of every phone that you swipe your
    applications to your left to access them, but HTC has again emerged as a game changer
    by making it ‘swipe up’ system. Its sets your phone apart from all the other
    brand users. The front camera of 5 megapixels works magnificently. The back
    camera of 8 megapixels is a blessing. My friends will not believe that the
    pictures I have taken are from a phone camera. The focus makes the image crisper
    and ‘DSLR-Ish’.
  • A Hide/Unhide option available in the menu screen makes it
    very easy for the users to locate apps without hassle.


  • The Music app is very easy to access and operate. You don’t
    get hassled by constant update notifications or sign in dialogue boxes. You just
    listen to songs and enjoy.


  • Dot View: This feature is available only in selected phones.
    This feature needs a cover. A cover which is only available in your nearest HTC
    showrooms or online. I bought a Pink dot view cover (don’t judge me, I am a
    girl), which came with a stylus pen. The dot view cover is a cover which turns
    your screen on without you having to touch the power button. Pretty cool, isn’t
    it? It also shows you the time and notifications of SMS, Whatsapp, twitter, and
    incoming calls. Unfortunately, my phone doesn’t allow the feature where you can
    accept calls without having to open the cover. Honestly, I bought the cover
    because of that feature. Since it doesn’t work in my phone, I was disappointed.


Overall, it is a pretty Smart-ass-phone!




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