7 Productivity Apps For A Busy Working Mom

If you are a young mother and specially a working mom, you must feel you are on the go constantly. There are house chores, work to tend to and the demands of your little one. Being a young working mom can be a bit overwhelming at times. But you can actually make use of your smartphones to make your life a little less chaotic and more in control. If you are wondering how to relieve stress with your Smartphone, well there are some life-saving apps created just for you. These are ideal to keep track of many things and will boost your productivity on many fronts. Although there are many such apps but we have selected 10 of the best apps for working moms.

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  1. Evernote

This is a complete lifesaver; I mean this is simply fantastic. This is a note taking app, very neat and very easy to use. Although Microsoft’s OneNote is there but there are compatibility issue with it. Evernote can run on your phone and on your tablet and you can keep on taking notes all day long whether you are in a meeting, in a conference call, leaving your house or even safe PDFs, emails, word docs and excel sheet on this app. There is no need to go through multiple sticky notes and keep track of them, Evernote does it all for you. You can even install attachments for Outlook and Gmail so all your emails applications are taken care of as well.

  1. Google Drive

I will admit I was a bit slow to adapt Google Drive and even a bit scared at first as the interface is slightly different than Microsoft office, but once I started using this great app by Google my life is so much easier. Whether I am at work, home or simply using my phone my documents, excels sheets, PDFs and even pictures are all accessible. I no longer have to think “Oh1 how I wish I had this document with me right now”. Anything I find important or need accessing and editing later, I upload it to my Google Drive. One of the best things about this app is that you can give access to other people too to the documents on your drive and they can edit them too (access requires permission off course!). Even if I am home my coworkers and I can work on a document from different locations.

  1. Toddler Teasers

If you have a toddler, you must have been through a situation more than once where it is simply impossible to make them sit quietly. Toddler teasers is an app that has a collection of fun games which can teach your little ones colors, shapes, letters and much more. All the games are age-appropriate so whether you are waiting at the dentists or sitting through church service you know what to do to keep your little one quiet and busy. You little one will stay distracted and learn something new too. Since it is a bit difficult to make kids learn these things in the traditional way, this comes as a bonus to your peace time.

  1. Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List

Probably cooking a meal doesn’t take as long as deciding what to cook. You are short on time, the little ones have their demands and are often bored with the same thing and you are always trying to give them something healthy yet delicious. Krista Joseph, of California a young working mom of one came up with a great app to solve your daily woes. The app has a plethora of healthy lunches and quick dinners to choose from. Once you decide what to cook, it gives you a shopping list of the ingredients required and the best part, you can cross out each item as you shop. I usually plan my meals for the whole week using this free app.

  1. Jamie Oliver’s 20 minute Quick Meals

Unlike the Epicurious app this comes with a price tag of $7.99. However, if you have been a fan of Jamie Oliver and his ‘Naked Chef’ series you wouldn’t mind paying this price. There are a lot healthy options to choose from. The only limitation being that you are just following Jamie’s style but if you want your whole family to eat healthy and fresh, this is the app for you. All the recipes are quick and very easy to follow, so even if you are an amateur chef you won’t have difficulty navigating in the kitchen department with this app.

  1. Google Maps

This app comes preloaded in most of the smartphones and iPhone. If you were ever stuck in traffic with a cranky toddler or two on board, you would like nothing better than this app. It is already loaded in your phones, so if you have not started making use of it; I say start doing so right now. This is more than just a navigation tool when you are on an unfamiliar path. Google Maps pulls-out real time traffic patterns so you can navigate better and find an alternative route during the rush hours.

  1. Wunderlist

For someone who has been relying on post-it notes ever since high school, this app almost became my personal genie. Before I discovered Wunderlist my home, workspace, bag, kitchen and even my car had random post it notes. Wunderlist lets me maintain all these notes in one place. The lists include of things to do at work, grocery list, my baby’s vaccination dates, laundry lists and god knows what! But the good thing is that all my to-dos and important stuff is in the palm of my hand and I no longer have to deal with sticky notes!

Are you already using any of these apps? I hope you find these apps helpful in better managing your time. If you liked this blog don’t forget to share this with fellow working mom like you.



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