Apps of the Week, Third week of August 2015.

Written by : HellAriser Aakash (for Windroidica)
Image credits : AndroidCentral
Android smartphones are really getting very much comfortable with our day-to-day tasks. And, presently, there are many types of different users in the world, like a businessman, a tech freak, or just a normal guy, who not only want their smartphones to work according to them, but also want to customize them. So this post is about the APPS OF THE WEEK that can enhance your pleasure while working with your android device. So let’s start with it.


I like the Android Lollipop stock keyboard very much, but only for a few days. I mean, the material design is, of course, very fascinating, but a little customization is what we all need at the end. So Fleksy Keyboard gives you a lot of customizations, and believe me, it has many reasons to have it. From different beautiful themes to personalization, it offers a lot. Worth a try I should say.

Another useful app for making your device more amazing. I like customization on my phone, and Omni swipe has many features to offer. Using Omni Swipe, you are able to swipe up from multiple locations at the bottom of your phone’s screen and access favorite and most used apps, tools that let you toggle your flashlight and WiFi, favorite contacts, and even navigate through your notifications.
You can’t tell that Omni Swipe is even running but with one quick swipe up, you’ll have access to almost anything you might need. With phone manufacturers making screens larger every day, it is nice to be able to access most of your important features and applications from a location that is not hard to reach when using a phone with only one hand.


This one is for newbies and beginners in tech department. Many people are already familiar with OpenSignal from its apps that offer up crowd-sourced mobile data coverage maps, and now the company has a new app to do the same thing for Wifi networks. WifiMapper does just what it says — it maps all of the Wifi networks, based on crowd-sourced collection, in major cities around the world.
You can look at a map and see every nearby Wifi network that has been logged, the name of the network and information on whether it requires a password. If you come across one that’s already mapped you can give a thumbs up/down to note if it’s still open, and leave more detailed information if needed. By default the app collects and gives general Wifi network information back to the service (which is how the database is built in the first place), but you can also turn that off if you’re not interested. Give a try  

Onca Clock Widget

I’ve been looking for a new, minimalist clock widget lately, and after trying out a few of the popular options on the Play Store I’ve settled on the simple but highly customizable Onca clock widget. At its core, Onca is a clean circular widget that shows the current hour in its center, and the minutes as a ring around the outside. But this, like everything else about this widget, is all customizable. The basic widget is free, with a handful of customization options; if you want to fine-tune things you’ll need to pay for the “Pro” upgrade.
While there’s certainly no shortage of clock widgets for Android, Onca looks good and does everything it needs to without any needless cruft. It’s well worth checking out if you’re looking to bring some minimalist cool to your home screen.


As someone who enjoys sitting back and reading a good book, I sometimes find it difficult to know what book to read next. Most of my book recommendations came from friends and family but that was only if they were currently reading a good book at the time. Using Goodreads, you see what your friends and family have read and what they want to read at any given time.
Goodreads is tied into the Amazon Kindle platform which makes it even easier to find a book to read and purchase it directly onto your Kindle or Android device with the Kindle app installed. The Goodreads application is free in the Google Play Store and uses your Facebook account to connect you to your friends and family.

Well, that’s all for now. Next week, I’m gonna collect more cool apps for your smartphone. Till then, feel free to give your precious reviews and comments about the apps, their pros and cons, in the comment section below. We love to hear from you. ☺



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