Apps of the Week – DEC15-02 Edition

It’s been a very long time that we have not
come up with new or interesting apps, thanks to Lots of ROMs out there. We
apologize for that. But after spending a whole week on tens of apps, I’ve come
up with these simple, almost known-to-all and great apps. This is Hellariser Aakash from Windroidica
presenting the “Apps of the Week”.
       1. Duolingo
I always want to
learn an additional language than my mother tongue and the worldwide spoken
language English. Hence I browse the playstore and I saw this app. I installed
it and when I used it, I was really impressed. This app not only teaches you
how to write or read the language, but also takes care of your speaking skills
too. With the course widespread into levels in ascending order, It promises to
give a shot. The UI is around perfect as the learning includes pictures and
recordings. To all newbies and beginners, it’s time to learn the dream language.

Download  Duolingo

     2. SolMail –
All-in-one-email App
I know, I know,
there are already many apps on the playstore that can keep all your different
mail accounts under one roof. So how this app is different from others? Well,
first it supports Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Hotmail, Outlook, iCloud etc. Next,
very pleasing user interface. I’m using this app with my 7 different accounts
including one from my own website from past 6 days and I’m enjoying it. It’s
the best email client app so far.

SolMail – All-in-one-email App

    3. Network Monitor Mini
Most of you are aware
of this app. Network monitor mini shows the speed, at which the phone is
receiving and sending the packets in bytes and bits. Nowadays, almost every
custom ROM comes up with the inbuilt data monitor feature, but since not
everyone is a tech freak, this app fulfills the need of such monitor. You can
adjust the placing of the monitor accordingly. Some of the positions are Top
left, Top right, on the statusbar etc.
    4. Puzzle Alarm Clock
To be honest,
I’m a lazy guy when it comes to wake up early. And if I want to make that
possible, I would need an alarm clock, with either some blasting alarm tones or
with some interesting puzzles that could make my senses work, so that I could
snooze it off. So here comes – Puzzle Alarm clock. From mathematics equations
to captchas to patterns, this app is so good that it would REALLY make sure
that you are awake. The best thing about it? Power saving mods and apps like
Greenify won’t work on it. It’s interesting and ridiculous AF.
    5. Musixmatch
It has been
happened like MILLION times that you are listening to some song you like and
you don’t know the lyrics. Then you run and Google its lyrics. Guys, Welcome – Musixmatch.
This app will show you the lyrics of the song, and help you in singing along
it. Well, someone’s gonna save you from being embarrassed in the Karaoke
And now time for
some BONUS App.
Let me be clear,
that the BONUS apps are for ROOTED PHONES ONLY. It has nothing to do with the
non rooted phones as it wont work on them.
     1. Adaway.
With due
respect, no one like advertisements floating here and there while one is
working on an app. Besides, not everyone is so great that they would go for the
pro version, which removes the advertisements. Solution?? ADAWAY. With root
permission granted, this app is your savior when it comes to apps and their
advertisements. It blocks all the ads on your phone, and you can enjoy the apps
without any disturbance.
The only
problem? This app is not in playstore. But down below, we have provided the
download link to it.
I admit that most
of you are aware of these apps, but there are some users who are still starting
from the scratch. Use these apps, share them with your known ones, and don’t
forget to show your writing skills in the comment section.



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I make YouTube videos and write here on Windroidica to help you improve your digital life. I post three videos every week and they contain mainly of Video Podcasts, Tutorials and much more. I am very happy to help. Say Hi!

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