Rooting Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

Samsung Galaxy Y has been announced recently and is obviously a low end Android phone, similar to LG Optimus Me P350. It’s a budget phone which comes with Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread with 3 inch Capacitive Display. It has a faster processor of 823 MHz which you might not get in other phones at this price. In this tutorial I will tell you how to root Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 easily. All you need to do is follow the steps given below.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is a process by which you can access system files of your Android OS. After rooting Samsung Galaxy Y, you can install applications which require access to these system files. It becomes necessary if you wish to customize your Android device and also install custom ROMs like CyanogenMod ROMs which are highly customizable and have a better performance than the stock ROMs.

Why Should You Root Samsung Galaxy Y?

Rooting has quite a lot of advantages. If you are a tru Geek, you would love rooting your device. A few top advantages of rooting are

  • Rooting lets you customize your phone in a better way.
  • Install Custom ROMs to improve the performance.
  • Remove System apps which you do not need and hence free up space
  • Convert the file system of current RFS to the faster ext4 file formats
  • Convert Downloaded apps to system Apps

Why Should You Not Root Samsung Galaxy Y?

There are not many reasons for you not to root Samsung Galaxy Y except the fact that your device’s warranty gets void. Usually all manufacturers provide a warranty of one year for the devices and they do not allow one to root the device and access system files. However, Android is an open source OS and hence there exists rooting! Also, you can unroot Samsung Galaxy Y later in case you wish to make use of your device’s warranty.


Before you root Samsung Galaxy Y, you need to back up your phone’s data. You can back up your contacts to the SDCard and to back up your Applications you can use ASTRO File Manager. In case you need to reset your phone, you can make use of the back up files to restore those applications.

Disclaimer: Me[Androidica]  is not responsible for any damage that might be caused to your device during this process though the possibility of any damage is negligible. Try this at your own risk. Also note, rooting your phone will void your warranty.

Steps to Root Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

Follow these steps below to root Samsung Galaxy Y:

  1. Download
  2. Copy the downloaded file to the root of your SD Card via USB Cable or any other method according to your convenience.
  3. Turn of your Samsung Galaxy Y
  4. Reboot into recover mode by pressing Home button + Volume up button and Power button for 20 seconds.
  5. When you are in recovery mode, select “Update from SD Card”.
  6. Now select (the zip file you downloaded in step 1) and execute it by pressing the home button.
  7. Now your phone will be rooted after which you can select the reboot option.
  8. After this, your phone is rooted. I recommend you to download BusyBox from the Android Market after you have rooted your phone.

Isn’t that quite an easy way to root Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360? Let me know if you face any issues for the NEED HELP? page and I will help you personally.



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