Android N : Everything that is new.

Google I/O is still far but Google surprised by releasing the preview of Android N.  Which was expected two months later. The Android N preview is available for the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 (Wi-Fi and LTE), Nexus Player and Pixel C on the Android Developers site. The Final Android N 7.0 will be released in Q3 or near Sep end.

Which might even be shipped with the new Nexus coming this year with HTC. For now the preview is limited to Nexus devices and will be for some time because most of the devices dont even run Android M. According to survey only 2.3% Devices run Android M and getting Android N on them will be a hand full for all the Brands.

Some New/Changed Features:

1) Multi-window mode


Many skins on the Android Platform support this feature but its good to see Android having this feature build in. Compatible apps can be opened up side-by-side in Android N and resized. Developers will be able to set a minimum size for their app. There’s also a new picture-in-picture mode that works just like minimized video in YouTube.

2) Better tablet support in Android N

Special Table optimized apps and other feature have been seen which use the bigger screen for better use, Also their might a tablet specific Ui.

3) New Android N settings menu


Now the setting is better than before utilizing the bigger screen size for more information. It shows you which WiFi are you connected to and other useful info for the particular setting. Its also has a Navigation Bar which can be swiped from the right side to get into other setting quicker.

4) Enhanced Doze Mode

This feature was present in the Android M but now its improved. One of the big players here is that Android has introduced a kind of two step form of Doze. Once the phone has been off for a while, it will shut off network access except for well-spaced periods of activity and defer any jobs to those windows. This will only go into effect if the device is on battery power.

5) Changed Quick settings Panel And Notification Panel


Android’s notifications area is now flatter with just a thin line separating individual notifications although when you swipe down the Quick Settings, the cards will stack as before. Profile pics from your contacts now appear on the right rather than the left and app icons have been minimized. You also have the option of replying for the notification panel if the app supports it for now hangout does support it. In the Quick Setting panel you get like WiFi, Do Not Disturb, battery and the flashlight these button right above the notification for easy of use.

6) Faster app optimization in Android N

In Android N rather than at first boot, apps are compiled Just-in-Time the first time you launch them and are then stored in memory for faster launches next next time. This means faster reboots every time.

7) New Data Saver feature in Android N

Android N will stop background syncing from occurring except when connected to WiFi. Not only will Data Saver block background activity from eating up your data, it also attempts to limit the amount of data apps use in the foreground as well.

8) Dark Mode returns in Android N

Its just the dark skinned android UI which was removed during the Android M beta stage. Its very useful for AMOLED displays.

Its can be manually turned on or automatically at certain times of day.

Don’t forget to tell us what you think will be the new name on this Android version. Personally we at Windroidica are rooting for Nutella.



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