How to play large android games with data on SD card.

Hello guys, if you are using a rooted android device, and you are running out of internal storage that ain’t letting you play your favourite games that are big in size, then this article is just for you! It’s about playing games while having the additional large data files known as the “obb” in your external storage (Micro SD CARD) instead of the internal storage. You may think that this guide is about apps like “Link2Sd” or “GL to SD” or Xposed Modules that only works for KITKAT! But yes, you are WRONG! The above stated apps work in a stupid way that is shifting the obb files from internal to external – that means you need to have the large files in your internal storage beforehand! But, the process I am going to show, is no such thing.

Some information about OBB files:
“obb” or “Opaque Binary Blob [Computer Science]” files are found in the internal storage of your android device in the following folder: Android/obb. Inside Android/obb you will find the obb folder for the game. For example, the obb folder for the game HITMAN SNIPER is “com.squareenixmontreal.hitmansniperandroid” and inside it, the main obb file exists, like in this case “”. Simply, you can recognize the obb folders and files by the following points:-
1. The obb folder name mandatorily starts with “com.” followed by the publisher and the game name itself, generally.
2. The obb file name inside the obb folder mandatorily starts with “main.” and the rest might be followed by the same criteria but you will find the game name obviously.
A rooted android device.
Folder Mount [ROOT] app
Android Game APK
OBB Files for the game {You can download from here – . Try to download the latest obb files and apks or of at the least, the same version}
1. Download folder mount from play store –
2. Install the App. When you first time open it, it will check for root access. Grant it.
3. It will ask for reboot for getting better administrative rights regarding the phone storage. Click on OK!
4. After your phone reboots, here comes the tricky job.
5. Copy the obb folder name of your game and go to your internal storage inside Android/obb.
6. Create a folder with the same name.
7. Open Folder mount, click on the “+” icon.
8. You will find 3 sections – Name, Source, Destination.
9. Give any name. Click on the Source area and go to Android/obb and select the obb folder you just created and click on the “tick mark” icon.
10. Click YES when promted for automatic creation of Destination.
11. Click on the “tick mark” again and you will see your game in the list. DO NOT MOUNT YET.
12. Now cut/copy the obb file from your original/downloaded obb folder (in this case “”).
13. Go to your external sd card, Android/obb and you will the obb folder automatically created. Paste the file inside it.
14. Install the Game APK! [Note: Installing the APK after mounting might result in the deletion of your obb file]
15. Open Folder Mount, and Mount The game!

You have successfully installed your game, with large obb files in your external SD card!

Follow the steps carefully, and if you face any problem, feel free to drop a comment!
Peace Out! 🙂

Author : Arsif Ali

Arsif is a guest author at Windroidica and loves to help out people with android devices in general and Zenfone 5 in particular.



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