Our team is small but dedicated. We are constantly scouring the internet looking for the best stories for your limited valuable time. Our PR team is constantly on the Facebook/Twitter pages trying to help you guys out with the technical problems that you might face. So here is a shoutout page to our great team.


Ayan Sarkar
Head - Content Writer/Editor
Founded Windroidica with one goal in mind - help others with the intriguing world of technology. I write on technology, help people on forums and make videos on Youtube and all that along with my day job and college. From - Calcutta, India.
Anjali Karmakar
Head - PR Manager - Twitter, Instragram / Content Writer
Anjali was there with the team since the begining writing out interesting articles with her intuitive writing style. Writing is her passion and we are lucky to have her on our team creating beautiful content for all of you. Check out her stories on her website. From - Calcutta, India.
HellAriser Aakash
PR Manager - Facebook, Content/Writer
Aakash joined the team out of his love for technology and his urge to help others with technology. He has written many articles for Windroidica and loves to try out new apps and report on the same. He is also our Zenfone 5 expert bringing you tutorials for the device. From - Delhi, India
Rupesh Kumar Joshi
PR Manager - Facebook, Content Writer
Rupesh joined the team as the fourth member recently and has significantly helped many of the Windroidica community. He is a Zenfone 5 expert and is creating Zenfone 5 tutorials and helping people with the device. From - Kathmandu, Nepal.

——————————————————-Our Content Writers———————————————–



Kartik Patil
Content Writer
I am an Engineering Student. Very fascinated with things that go “BEEP!”. A technology enthusiast who wants to do the better part of helping others with today’s Technology. I love Music and Anime! Have a profound love for Basketball and Novels.

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