How to Monitor Social Media Apps on Android

Teens are dedicating more of their time and attention to social networking platforms and this is something distressing. Though the perks of social media are irrefutable as it familiarizes with new people, accelerate self-esteem, and acts as entertainment tool to bring down stress level, but the menaces of social media are also not inconsiderable. The online socializing platforms also welcome the online child predators and cyber bullies to find and victimize the adolescents. Millions of social media users have experienced harassment being a target or a witness, several teenage and underage children are bearing depression and some has even lost their lives. Consequently, it is the need of the hour to monitor the social media lives of children and protect them from persecutors and crooks of the digital world.

The parents can covertly track the activities of their children on social media apps using the TheOneSpy Android Monitoring App. This is an advanced spying application that allows tracking almost all the popular social media apps installed on the Android devices instantaneously. You can detect the social media chats, posts, friends list, and other events concerning your kids. As you install the monitoring app on your kids’ Android mobile phones and tablets, the information stored on these devices will be uploaded to an online account accessible from anywhere. Given are the social media apps that you can monitor using the Android Spying app.


The popularity level of Snapchat is tremendously rising upwards. The photo-sharing app has become the most popular social networking app among teenagers and collegians thanks to its self-deleted messages and filters. The photos and videos sent via Snapchat get destructed seconds after the receiver view them. This is because more and more Snapchatters are using the app for disclosing nude and inappropriate photos and videos. However, the photos and videos can be saved with the help of screenshots, and manipulated.
The Android monitoring app allows parents to track the Snapchat Activities of their children and see what they are sharing and with whom. You can track the self-destructive photos, videos, and audios with the Spying app.


The popularity of Facebook and Facebook Messenger app among teenagers is not out of sight, and probably that is because the persecutors and predators are abusing the app to target adolescents. The monitoring app enables you to break into the Facebook account of someone else without stealing the username and password details. The one-on-one and group messages consisting of text, photos, stickers, and emoticons, can be viewed. The addition and removal from the Facebook friends list can be monitored. The Timeline posts along with likes, comments and shares can be tracked.


With 700 million active users, Instagram is the largest photo-sharing platform. Most of the photos shared on the popular social networking site are obviously not for children. You can watch out the Instagram use of your kids to learn who are following them or to whom they are following. You can track the photos and videos your kids share on the app, and like, comments and followers they got on that shared stuff.


Tinder is a dating app more accurately a one-night stand app that lets you find your online romantic partner. The location-based search of Tinder helps you find the match nearest to you. You can like a person seeing his/her profile. If that person likes you back, the app creates a match of both of you and opens a messaging function allowing you to communicate with each other and plan meetup. However, the things are not as simple as they seem. There is no way to verify the authenticity of the information provided by the Tinder users.
The parents can take the support of Android Spying app to detect the dating preferences of their teens. They can read the messages kids receive and transmit via Tinder and keep eyes on friends list to ensure that their loved ones do not become a target of a scoundrel.


Kik Messenger is considered the least secure instant messaging app for children. It allows users to transmit and receive text messages, photos, and videos remaining anonymous. The app is widely being used by online child predators because of its weak parental control system. The Android social media tracking app allows parents to view the messages, photos and other stuff received and sent via Kik.


Tumblr is a micro-blogging app allowing users to post anything of their choice and share with the communities who have similar sentiments for that stuff. The app is noted to have a sizeable amount of explicit content. If your kids are using Tumblr, you can monitor their activities using Android Spy app. You can monitor whatever your kids post on Tumblr; read their direct messages; track your kids’ followers and followings.
In addition to social networking apps, the Android Monitoring app allows you to spy on the widely used instant messaging apps including WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Hangouts and others.



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